The cash grabbing GREED IS BEYOND BELIEF

I am on the verge of walking away.

With every update the greed of this game increases more and more.

-I am level 75. At level 75 if you pay the 19.99 you will be given 93k diamonds. If this isn’t the most blatant extortion ever.
-To go from lvl 16 to 17 you must collect 216k dust from scrapped cards. This means, you have to scrap 216 cards in order to progress.
*Option A - you get 1 card per day from alliance to scrap. In other words, 216 days.
*Option B - buy recruit chest and pray for your faction as each faction has their own dust bottle necking you.
-To go up in arenas you now need at least three level 14 decks from what I can tell. If all 43 stars are needed that makes three level of 16 decks FROM EACH FACTION.

It is as clear as day that this had nothing to do with quality control as the devs have bottle necked us into having to spend massive amounts of cash to progress.

In conclusion, if this doesn’t get fixed I am done with this game. I started playing this game two months after launch just to feel cheated with every update.

Please let me know if you agree or disagree!


Agree. Time to put some reviews in the App Store and make it well know


Agreed. Larceny at it’s finest


I’ve left reviews and one star ratings but every time I open the App Store it’s reset.

I agree! This is BS!! They just changed the whole game and stuck it to us who purchased the elite.

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Hi. I’m sorry, I don’t really understand your post. The numbers you’re quoting don’t align with my understanding of things. Can you please post screenshots to clarify the things you’re describing?

I’ve had the same problem.

@S7campusLifer my numbers have already been confirmed by S7Dave.

@S7campusLifer what can you understand? What was going through your heads while making this update? Im serious. What? you all thought this was right? Adding an arena that feels sooo dry and stale. At this point i dont even know if the game can be saved. The community is beyond mad. I dropped the game. I left. Im already filing a lawsuit for fraudulent behavior. Thanks for taking my money away.


Wonder how the lawsuit is going?:thinking:

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