The banning on Global is out of control

Ever since the chat filter was implemented, people have been getting banned continuously. This is getting ridiculous!! The only way to keep from being banned is to stay off global. And that’s the only entertaining aspect left of this game besides events.

Do you guys even review the reports? Or is the ban just automatically put in place once the report comes through. Half the time, you guys won’t even tell us what we did! It’s ridiculous!

You guys need to pay attention to the people that report over and over again, and what they’re reporting. I’ve been playing the game since February without a single ban, but all of a sudden now I’ve been banned twice in the past two months. Sharkie is banned again for no reason, and people that are barely even on global are getting banned. Meanwhile, the people that actually threaten other players or talk about killing children aren’t taken seriously.

Restrictions for the ban hammer need to be put in place. S7 is getting a little too obvious with their constant silencing of players.

PS: I didn’t do anything to get banned this time, nor did I the last time. Get it together with this please

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No one gets “auto banned.”

All reports of abusive chat behavior are flagged. Someone goes through them on a daily basis and applies warnings and restrictions based on the severity of the behavior in the chat being reported.

The majority of reports have a verdict of “no action because the chat was within bounds of terms of service” or “ask the person please not to do this in the future without any chat ban.” Very few chat bans are actually enacted per day.

If someone received a chat ban it’s because someone in our R&D team reviewed the chats and believed the person was doing more than “trash talking” — things like using racial slurs, bigotry, toxic behavior, harassment, threats of physical violence, aggressive sexually explicit messages, encouraging self-harm, trying to use obfuscation to get around the chat filter, illegal behavior, etc.

Yeah, i got banned twice a month😩

Why even have restrictions on speech? Banning someone for bigotry? Pretty vague… what is the standard for bigotry? Does context play a role? Sounds like a lot of work to monitor for no reason… just let people be assholes if they wanna be assholes… sticks and stones, you know? Don’t forget you would definitely save money by not having to pay someone to sift thru chats all day long like you’re suggesting employees in that department do… put that money into hiring another dev so you guys aren’t so overwhelmed

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Sorry I have to go with current policy on this one. Nobody enjoys a game where the global chat is filled with racial slurs, spam, nonstop cursing or people just being jerks constantly. They have to have a method to stop that.

That being said, I’m not sure why Keys got banned or Shark got banned, I can’t with both of them and have not noted that sort of abusive behavior. I am also NOT calling out for the devs to justify it here, that should be behind the scenes and private to those who are banned. The banned person should be able to find out what got them banned they may not realize they were doing something wrong.

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I was banned for “sexually explicit language”. Uh…ok? Because I’m telling jokes to make my friends laugh? The things I said wouldn’t be seen by the reporter if they had the filter on. @S7campusLifer you seriously have to notice the correlation between the introduction of the filter and the uptick in reports. It’s getting a little ridiculous and petty. I fully support keeping the jerks away, but it seems like we’re at the mercy of a bunch of overly sensitive people that turned their chat filter off just to cause trouble.

I really think some discretion needs to be used when reviewing these reports. Is the same person reporting over and over? Is the content they’re reporting easily silenced by the filter? Why can’t you guys just send a message to these snitches and tell them to block people? Seriously. Block me and you don’t have to see my comments. Easy. The people that should be banned aren’t having a thing done to them, but people like Sharkie and me get banned for literally making our friends laugh. It’s “beyond” ridiculous. Remove the chat filter from the game if y’all want to be so sensitive

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