The amount of trophies lost needs to be adjusted



Losing 40+ trophies doesn’t make any sense when you only win 5-10 per match. This needs to be balanced. You are requiring players to have a 75% win streak just to break even. This will not help your game grow.


This is extremely true since losing 30 to 40 trophies doesn’t make any sense at all while winning a match is around 10 to 20 trophies.

Also, I have suggestion to fix that issue:

•If the opponent’s trophy count is higher than you and you win the match, you gain 35 to 40 trophies.
•Again with the opponent’s trophy count higher than you but you lose the match, then you lose 15 to 10 trophies since that player had high level advantage as a way to easily win the match.

This applies the same to you, the player. If you have a higher trophy count than your opponent and lose the match, you lose 35 to 40 trophies. Same goes for the second bullet point. If you win the match when you have a higher trophy count, then you win the amount of trophies what your opponent lost.

*Oh and also add a next to both (or all 4 in 2v2 matches) players’ trophy count, since it makes it easier for everyone to know how much they’re going to gain or lose trophies in the match.


They already know that issue and said that they’re fixing it

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