The Alliance Token Change

While I am the first one to agree we need more ways to get season tokens, removing the alliance token awards and putting them under the season token quests is not the fix. Those alliance tokens let us get specific cards we need particularly epic and legendary and now the generation of alliance tokens will go way down. That means for those of us not all 17 level and trying to upgrade specific cards we will likely have more problems doing so.

Hi @Lyth!

Thank you for the feedback.

  • For sure we don’t want to ruin alliance tokens in the game.
  • We’ve switched to 3x weekly quests that payout alliance tokens.
  • We will keep monitoring how this looks and try to make sure it stays healthy.
  • We are currently planning a set of features which should generate more alliance tokens and make them much more useful.

If by 3x weekly quests you mean the ones to earn many thousands of season tokens… well unless the piggy bank pays that many I don’t think most people will earn them.

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