That matchmaking grind


I’m a mid-gold just trying to get to the next rank like everyone else. In matchmaking I’ve noticed MUCH higher ranks(diamond 5 / lvl 25+) intentionally losing so they can drop their rank to say silver. One person does this while the other teammate maintains a diamond+ rank and they grind off matchmaking 2v2. As you can imagine this pairs them up against lower lvl’d opponents.
I had this happen to me way too many times, back to back where I’d pair up against a team like this. I won’t give any names, but it’s pretty obvious which alliances do this.
Obviously when a lvl 20 pairs up against lvl 25+ you can pretty much predict the outcome. What I don’t see as fair is the amount of exp loss when the opponent is clearly supposed to be in a much higher rank. Sure they’re ranked silver 5, but they’re also at a base lvl 25 with lvl 15+ units.
Maybe this is a way diamond+ ranks can lvl faster? By grinding off much lower lvld ranks? Idk I’ve never been there.
A suggestion would be to limit 2v2 pairing to those within the same or close rank. IE a diamond 5 should not be able to pair up with silver, but limited to a gold 5+.
Please address this.


I think something like equal or very close account lvls should match up rather than matching based on ranks alone.
Also if they are going to put deck power rating in game, maybe that should be used to give a more for matchup up… since similar power rating decks will have similar level units.

Just a thought.


If they are duo partners from the same alliance they have the advantage but yet they are queuing against lower rank randoms. How the hell is that fair? Im low gold and my random partners low gold and we get matched with mid gold and a diamond duo partner. They get all the fucking advantage

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