Thanks for the fish

It’s been fun, y’all. It’s apparent nobody cares to support the game any longer, and if that’s a strategy to get us to quit, it’s worked for me. I’ll investigate any recourse I have to regain the money I paid from S7; if I find anything useful I’ll post it. Otherwise, I’m out of here. Hopefully we’ll all find a new game and see each other in the future!


Have a good one brudda same for me I’m more on clash royal now much better game and better money for what they give

free stuff and legends u don’t have to wait and spend 1000 bucks for.

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Oddly enough I’ve been playing the old board game RISK. graphics mundane, community none, but cheap or free and the gameplay isn’t destroyed by a bad dev team :sob:


Another side note, even though RISK is practically free to play I’ve already spent at least 7x the $ (probably far more) playing that than what I’ve spent in my over a year playing wild beyond…mostly because when I started playing wb I knew it had been bought and rebranded by s7 and s7 was a pocket gems front.

At that time I was aware of pocket gems terrible reputation and chose not to spend on wb because I figured launching this game under the s7 name was their attempt to avoid the negative brand rep they had developed for themselves.

If it had turned out they were going to turn over a new leaf and do things differently with the s7 name I would have started spending here 3-6 months in. Unfortunately by that time it was clear that it was pocket gems business as usual.

What a shame. At one point this game was pretty close to being a real winner :sob:. The f2p vs p2w wasn’t entirely unreasonable and the ranking system had potential. Now f2p is hopeless, p2w requires a large fortune and ranking is a joke. In addition there are countless other important issues that either didn’t exist or weren’t as severe 6 months ago.

Back when the #1 issue of the game was matchmaking and we started discussing it here on the forums is when my confidence was lost in this game’s future. The reason I didn’t feel good about the future is the dev responses indicated a fundamental misunderstanding or willful ignorance of what the players issue was.

Despite countless attempts by many many players to communicate the issue the dev team never got it. There were several fairly easy to implement fixes for the matchmaking issues for both new and veteran players that were not implemented.

Instead the dev team started announcing the arena system and I felt confident that the game would go down very quickly after that.

At this point I primarily play out of habit in case s7 pocket gems decides to make a hard turn in the direction they’ve taken this game (extremely unlikely). I don’t care about winning or losing, I use almost zero thought or strategy while playing, and I routinely forget to play for the first 30s or more because I can’t be bothered paying attention to the screen to see the match start and I keep sounds muted :joy:.

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Take care!

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This is part of Stranger Seven mission statement What a pack of BS. CampusLifter7. I would advise you to read your mission statement and live up to it or change it because y’all are so far away from the mark it is unreal. CampusLifter7 you have completely destroyed all relationships with the players. You have destroyed the game that people enjoyed playing. You failed on improving the game. You failed at serving your players. You have failed at listening to your players. You fail at communicating with your players. Now with all of your failures you try to silence and target the last few players that tried to help you correct your mistakes. Banning Fox and Keys from the forum was a very low attack even from you. The truth really must hurt. We also know you are targeting players in other ways such as in game play.
I think we all know the game is over anyway. When your company files for bankruptcy Fox and I might just buy it. Don’t worry we will keep you on as the janitor.

“Create Players for Life:** We seek to cultivate lifelong relationships with our players by making games that players love to play for years and by continuously finding ways to improve our products and make their experience better. We dedicate ourselves to serving our players well.”


I don’t think it makes sense to target one person specifically; targetted hostility towards one person just seems unfair, and from the picture above, it doesn’t seem like she even works in the areas that are relevant to the topics we’re complaining about. In my humble opinion, my hypothesis is that the recent lack of response from S7 on the forums can be in part attributed to our scaring them away with our occasional overt hostility. After all, they’re human like us. Maybe if we simmer down a bit, they might be more likely to reopen communications.

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I don’t really care if it hurts their feelings are not. All of these Devs destroyed this game and the player base. If you are happy with the economy and progression of the game then great. I am not. I have seen hundreds of good players and friends quit this game because of what they have done. The customer service skills of these Devs are horrible. Many players warned them not to proceed with the updates because it would kill the game like Lyth, Fox and Keys. They banned two out of the three for nothing. That’s why I posted part of the mission statement of Stranger Seven because they have failed at it.


I’ll go in with you to buy it as well we can all be share partners.these guy/girls working for Brie game right now is a bunch of jokes and unprofessional people.i really wish I had the resources they have I’ll make this game a banger again and that’s :100:% facts would show y’all how to appreciate the players y’all had a gold mine on your hands now it’s dead :skull:

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