Tech locked in event

Several times this event, playing as Val, I have had initial hands that are tech locked, even though I’m under the impression this shouldn’t happen. Her factories are my only T1 card in the deck, so it seems like I should always get at least one. In at least 3 instances, the hand is initially 4 T2 cards and, in one case, the first full hand was behind tech locks. Needless to say, I tend to lose quickly when this happens.

Is there not a guarantee T1 card in the initial draw, if one is available in the deck?

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You’re right that something feels wacky here. I’ll make a ticket for our engineering team to look into it. Realistically, we’re not going to be able to fix this before the event is over but hopefully we can fix it for future cases. (ref 61253)

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Here is the response from our development team who works on battle:

If you have too few t1 cards, you are not 100% guaranteed to get one. This is to prevent forcing a specific card every time.

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Thanks for the quick response! Is there an indication of what constitutes too few? I’m not doing it with that in mind; it’s just the deck I built (and am having success with, for the most part). FWIW, it also happened with a Giga deck that had a ranger in it, as well.

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