Tech locked hands

Please fix this ASAP! It’s REALLY bad. I have at least a third of my deck at T0 (T1) and it’s super common that I get nothing to play. Oddly, I have 1 zoom box in my hand and I get it as my T1 card almost every time I’m not tech locked.

This really impacts game play in a profoundly bad way, all around. We don’t need MORE reliance on card draw order to determine the winners of a match.


Same here. Even when playing Val who with her bots should skew way toward heavy with T1 cards. I can’t play 2v2 for fear of letting my partner down and am rarely playing 1v1 because I don’t want to lose too much rank.

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Yeah unfortunately something broke with this. It’s in the list of known bugs.

Unfortunately this will require an update of the app binary and need to go through App Review – as the very fastest we can’t get it to go live in less than a couple of days.

Yeah I saw it was in the known bugs list, I just wanted to underscore that it’s super unpleasant.

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Agree. It’s clearly a major disadvantage for some commanders.

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Thank you for the update! Understand that with new items there will be bugs. On a side note, my quest today is for me to mine 50k gold. I know in a few days that probably will be relatively easy but right now my mine is only producing 250 gold per hour. So that’s a 10 day hold on my quests basically. I’m grinding out the BB and I have great teammates but that’s a lot and this boss blitz gets tedious. Maybe add a 50-100 gold bonus when someone helps you? Thanks again for all the hard work and staying on top of things.

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Can you specify what commanders? Just curious, because I’ve been spamming Kuro and its kinda OK for me. Unpleasant but OK.

@Roman5 obviously referring to Avasa as her tech towers are T1 and would not show up till late game before the update, but yes…

@S7campusLifer thank you for acknowledging the disparity. It hurts to sit there literally helpless as your barriers are getting beat down when opponents have rush deck and get T1 cards while you have nothing to counter lol. Between this and the seemingly endless grind of the new boss blitz structure, remaining enthusiastic about playing is proving difficult.

Kudos on the new update tho, don’t want this to be all negative, there is definitely “more” to do and card balancing seems to be good for the most part (might be some legion users out there that disagree lol). Ascension user here and glad to see rise in cost of madness tactic, not likely to see 6 thrown out on the field against double ascension teams lol. Still feel that maybe the AoE radius could be decreased or maybe selective targeting like missiles (maybe only target units with high dps or above “x” amount of attack speed).

Thank you for your diligence

post edit The mandatory co-op of the new boss blitz yields no rewards for the ally who helps. Should get a little something at least for time spent in game since it is mandatory 2 player. Otherwise feels like an utter waste of time and effort for those that join in to help. Food for thought.


Also Val. Her factories are T1 and without them she’s just a discount Roxie.

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I love the new seeker missiles animation. Totally off-topic but I have no idea where to post it.


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Great in this event to start with literally 3 tier 3 and 1 tier 2

Any update on when this will get fixed? Makes events very difficult especially cause not everybody is affected.

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