Teamwork...or lack of


Just curious why team ranking/standing has almost no discernible value? And almost all progress is tied solely to the individual? So why have teams then?


Hi @Pandread. I totally agree! Currently it’s true that Wild Beyond is very oriented towards individual play. In the future we plan to work on a set of changes which make team gameplay more and more rewarding and fun.


Interesting. Are you the same CL that was on the War Dragons forums?

That would be a good change to see. It seems like an integral part of the possible game design that is largely ignored.


Hi @Pandread.

yes, i’m the same dev who also works on War Dragons. i’m the same CampusLifer who has worked on our products for a long time (that’s why my username comes from our old forums when I used to work on our “Campus Life” game.)

My opinion is that one of the biggest strengths of War Dragons is the social layer — and the resulting friendships / community. I’m hopeful that we’ve built enough institutional knowledge to bring the same strengths to Wild Beyond.

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