Take away the dust system

It is disgusting really, the cost is too high, the free 1 mill dust are gone in no time. And how many cards needed to be scraped to even get another million that would be gone just as easily? Do we have that many cards to scrap???


Nope we don’t have that many cards to scrap cuz we only get one card for opening a chest lol so that mean u would have to spend money to get cards just to scrap them

If not taking it away then at least half the fucking price of dust to upgrade, the current price is not nearly humanely…

Just focus on main units u use cuz they not going to change nothing and they don’t give a flying fuck about us or this game

That’s what I have been doing, there are commanders needed to upgrade and the dust just won’t keep up.

You guys really need to have some more ways for us to gain dusts… maybe through event or daily raids, quest etc etc… current dust situation is not fucking working

Sure ain’t it’s like buy our packs so u can dust and give us ur money wo u can give it back to us from dust

Guess what? The dust issue is gone for the old timers, since they returned the missing cards. I’m not even halfway through the 1 million each faction handout. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of dust given I have so many extra cards to scrap. Newer players will never catch up, but it doesn’t really matter because you get boosted in Arenas and events anyway. The need for card leveling is an illusion.

Which team are you in? I don’t think your cards for your main faction can be scraped for much dust. Is your main faction all maxed out?

Yeah that’s a separate problem, if part of the idea behind dust was to give us something to do with extra cards and dust from the faction we have maxed out is useless then the stated purpose of dust doesn’t work. Notice I say the stated purpose because it’s pretty much just another way to slow us down. Every single change the devs have made since the decrease of the worth of packages to the decrease in coins to the function of gold to dust functions to slow down progression and leveling of units.

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What do you mean main faction? Currently the only cards that cannot be scrapped are season cards. I don’t have many maxed out units but I have more than enough cards for most units. Just waiting for the coins.

Then wait till you max out some more cards you will see the dust won’t nearly be enough for you. Main faction is your strongest faction. Some people have equally strong factions

So I have most of my Ascension cards at 17. I have more excess Ascension cards than any other because of this. However scraping those gives me very little I need since I have less to upgrade in that faction and the dust from Ascension can’t be used to upgrade Rogue or Legion.

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