T1 cards are not showing at the beginning of fights

Seems like since last upgrade new issues have started to happen and this is about t1 cards. Cards are simply not showing till middle or end of fights. Theres a reason why cards are categorized in tech brackets so t1 cards can get the center field. Have you players noticed this? Have you developers noticed this?. This is really frustrating and needs to be addressed asap. I’ve got 3 teddies in my avaza deck and are completely useless. Enough with legion being nerfed, now this issue. Frustration is making ppl quit and im in the list if this game keeps being managed without any consistency.

This is our #1 issue in the current release and we’re working on addressing it as soon as possible. I’m sorry for the trouble. We’re working on getting the fix out to you soon: Card draw bug?

Ty, appreciated

Hi. 6 matches in a row on event. Have 3 teddys, 3 grunts in deck. Not a single t1 troop showed up. Obviously i lost all fights. By te time I could build power i had all the enemy troops on top of me. What has been fixed?

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