Surprised to find freeze doesn't work on Dugouts

My Blademaster was certainly disappointed that freeze didn’t effect these Dugouts with 1:30 left in the match. If this is normal I guess I just hadn’t encountered it before.

This is normal and working as intended. Freeze has never stopped Dugouts. This is due to the classification of the Dugout as being a stationary Building/Structure (Which you can tell because Chuckie can target it, and it only targets buildings). The freeze spell itself only works on cards classified as “units” such as Pyro’s, Lancers, or Scouts, but does not work on buildings/structures.

This same principle holds true if you try and freeze Val’s Factory.

Ok. Thanks. Hadn’t tried to freeze factories either so I guess I won’t be doing that

Actually, in the future we’re planning for tactics to also work on buildings. Things like Zoom Box, Freeze, and––oops almost gave away one of our test tactics––would also affect buildings. Unfortunately, I don’t have an estimated date for this right now, but currently non-damaging tactics are intended to not affect buildings.

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Can you make zoom box ramp ant queen production?

We haven’t decided yet on exactly how all tactics will interact with buildings, but this is a good example. We also have some interactions with units that we need to sort out. For example:
-Should Dreadnaught stop/interrupt charge-up while frozen or knocked back?
-Should Ant Queen and Drone Factory generate minions faster when zoom boxed, and stop generating them while froze?
-Should “turret” type buildings be interrupted by stuns, and sped up by zoom box?

I would love to hear about all the interaction changes you would like to see, and I hope we can get to these changes soon!

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