Suggestion: Recover in-progress battles


Can you please develop a way that we can recover from an ongoing battle? Say, for example, I accidentally clicked a messenger notification and it brings me to the messenger app itself. However, when I go back to the game right away. It is considered a loss game. I know someone out there can relate to this.


Happened to me in the event yesterday! I was REAL pissed.

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I asked about this months ago lol I don’t think they have the capacity to fix it

May you have a use case proposal? It is a live game. I.e. if my opponent receive a message, I should sit and have a drink, while my game is paused waiting for opponent to finish reading his notification?

My proposal is if someone leaves the game, not by the exit button, then it won’t count as anything when the game is terminated by the loss.

Edit: after thinking about it, there’s no stopping someone from closing out the game because they know they are going to lose…I have no solution for that.

I like @Holeesmokes solution below - having a slightly larger buffer time. The person on the other end will see “this should take 15 seconds at the most” and if it takes more, it will then close.

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If someone wants to end the game, they can just concede. Just like in mobile legends. You can recover the game if you tried to exit the game or, in my case, I accidentally clicked a messenger notification chat. I can go back and pick where I left off. I know this is too much to ask for a 2-3 minute game but come on it would be a big help especially for those who play events or they are trying to rank up. Every game counts.

I’d be happy if there were just a few seconds’ buffer so that the situation OP describes isn’t immediately fatal. It’s happened to me a dozen times: I get a notification the second I’m trying to drop something in the top lane. I immediately task switch back in and I’m gone from the app for less than one second, but losing focus kills your session faster than that.


I’m even fine if the game continues while I swap back in.

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Just happened again the event :rage: eff this problem so hard.

Happened to me just now. Forgot to turn on my do not disturb button. And I am wondering why there is no reply from dev team on this. So sad.

Here’s what I wrote last time this came up

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