Suggestion how to fix


Yeah as a newbie. Just using seraphs beats me every time I don’t have the air support or range to stop them. If you made the poxie capable of hitting air troops. That would make them a perfect fix and that much more useful. All the explosion from the pain cloud and nuke truck should hit flying enemies too. I don’t see why it doesn’t. The animated explosion seems to touch them.


Hi @Fidler!

The Seraph is a Tier3 ascension card and is also pretty expensive in terms of energy cost — so it’s intended to be a strong unit. That said, there are a good number of ways to counter Seraphs.

At a high level, Seraphs might shoot strong arrows but she reloads very slowly, has low health and low armor. Any “swarm” of cheap units will distract her into shooting her slow arrows at them one by one while she gets taken out. Many spells will take Seraph out by themselves because her life/armor is so low.

As Rogue, what I usually do is drop a pair of a swarm cheap ground units in front (raiders, swarm queen, or val factory bots) and behind them drop anything that can hit the seraph (Deadeye, Punchbox, etc.). The Seraph will waste the shots on the cheap swarm while getting taken out by the other units. OR, I just drop seeker missiles on the Seraph if he’s near other useful targets.

As Legion, there’s a cheap and easy counter – Just drop a Nash Reinforcement swarm or the Grunts card right near the Seraph. You take Seraph out super cheap while he struggles to take out the swarm of guys shooting up at him.

As Ascension, the Scouts card can behave somewhat like the Nash Grunt swarm. A well placed Arcane Blast or a Corrosive Rain spell will take a Seraph out.


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