Suggestion for Season 2

This is a suggestion for season 2 which is not far away.

Itโ€™s getting harder to justify buying the packages as the regular cards in the chests are mostly meaningless at this point for those of us who have been spending money on the game all along. So we are paying for some tokens and a small amount of gems and coins but no meaningful cards and a large part of what we get is useless.

To make it useful and worth spending money on have the cards always have season 1 cards and the occasional legendary card that drops only be season 1 legendaries. This suggestion is for the time warp chests not the normal packages which can stay as they are perhaps with the season 1 cards added but not guaranteed. If the new skins can occasionally appear in the chests too that would be yet another bonus making the chests worth buying.


To add, please DO NOT put alliance coins in the season rewards. Please. I donโ€™t want to use my season tokens, some of which I paid money for, on useless alliance coins. I hate being awarded those darn things.

Or, if you guys insist on forcing the alliance coins on us, give us a feature where we can trade them in for coins. And make it worthwhile. None of this 10k alliance coins for 100 regular coins

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Both something to do with surplus cards, and a way to use Alliance Tokens are being worked on.

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What about my suggestion as a way to make it worth it for those of use with maxed cards to buy chests, especially Season chests. Iโ€™m asking you to give me a reason to spend more money on your gameโ€ฆ what do you guys think of it?

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Is there any sort of even remote timeline for when any information on this can be released?

Can we please get some sort of response? I currently have close to 400k alliance tokens and itโ€™s pretty irritating that I keep getting awarded more. I, too, need a reason to keep spending money on your game.

I donโ€™t personally know how far along they are. It is admirable how quickly you guys can consume all this content! Season 2 is coming out very soon, and has been budgeting the bulk of our time as a team. These features are being worked on, and weโ€™ll have more information once itโ€™s closer to completion.

This definitely sounds like more of a blessing than a curse. :ava_wow: I have a good feeling that youโ€™ll be very glad to have been so diligent in collecting these tokens in the near future!

I sure hope so, because right now itโ€™s quite the curse

I hope gold wasnโ€™t what you were referring toโ€ฆ

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Yeahโ€ฆnot so much. I donโ€™t need more cards! You guys didnโ€™t fix the darn issue whatsoever. Changing the name and making it so we can buy card copies doesnโ€™t help. Youโ€™re catering to your new players and completely ignoring your veteran players. You know, the ones that have paid for you guys to continue messing up this game? Yeah.

They arenโ€™t catering to new players, I think they are catering to their own concept of what the game should be even when their players are telling them it sucks.

Well that too, but the reason for the coin nerfing is basically because of new players, and the new gold situation seems to be right in line with that.

I just canโ€™t believe (or maybe I can) that there hasnโ€™t been a single response anywhere

The coin change could have been done to help new players without nerfing it for the rest of us. There are many ways they could have accomplished it without reducing the amount of coin high end players were getting so I donโ€™t buy it. The gold change has nothing to do with new players as they arenโ€™t the ones with hundreds of thousands of piled up gold. That was lip service to our complaints that itโ€™s a nearly useless commodity without truly fixing anything.

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