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Hey, I’ve played the game since launch and as many of you are too, Im quite bored by the lack of content. And so I thought about how you could make the „lategame“ a bit more interesting and had the idea that you will earn one gountlet ticked per day as soon as you have finished all levels of this week‘s boss. This would not influence „low-level“ players that much as they won’t be able to complete the week‘s boss and the high-level players will get rewarded for rushing the boss. This would add a little bit of content as the gountlet mode would be easier to access for free2play players or players (like me) who don’t want to spend much money. The gountlet mode would certainly add a bit of content and as the tickets will be given out at 24:00 each day, it would encourage players to finish the weekly boss as fast as possible.
Hope to hear some feedback from u all in regards to this idea, Cheers



Hey thanks for the feedback @fof300f! We do have a major content update coming up soon, and even more for the next calendar year. Check back soon for more information in our release notes!

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