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So I was discussing the game and how frustrated many of us are by it at this point. 2v2 not working well because no one has any real need to do it seems to be one of the biggest issues and the other really big issue is the lack of dust to use to upgrade. So here is the suggestion we came up with.

Separate the rewards for the 1v1 and 2v2 arenas, keep 1v1 awarding coin like it does now WITH THE SAME CURRENT MAX LIMIT and have 2v2 reward dust based on the team you play with, play rogue get rogue dust, play legion get legion dust, etc. Make it a decent amount of dust per day… around 60000 total I would guess would be a decent amount more than you need for one upgrade at low level and about half what you need at high level.

This will give everyone a reason to run 2v2 which will cut down wait times and make the game more enjoyable. It will also fix the issue we all have of not being able to upgrade do to lack of dust. I’m not sure any of you realize what a big problem it is.


Here’s the big delta between 2v2 and 1v1 right now:

We’re not doing many “boosted” matches in 2v2. It makes the wait times very long. We could increase the amount of boosted matches, but people seem to hate that.

The wait time for 2v2 matches on the high end won’t become better unless (a) We increase the amount of “boosting” going on. (b) millions of new people show up to play the game and then play long enough to play 2v2 in the high end arenas.

We’re not going to put things in which require you to play 2v2 when the wait times are so atrocious.


The wait times never used to be this high. The changes you put in that made people quit the game is one reason it’s so bad and getting rid of ranking is the other. If more people simply played it because there is a benefit to play it the wait times would go down. I’m mostly fighting real players in the arena now… or the same boosted players frequently… why because people have a reason to play, the coins. Give us a reason to play 2v2 like dust, and people will play.

Remember this is meant to address 2 issues, 2v2 wait times and lack of dust. You guys really messed up with dust, we need to scrap hundreds and hundreds of cards to get one card to max when we are mostly getting 1-2 cards a day. That rate is absolutely unacceptable and unsustainable.

Shouldn’t have to scrap cards at all…

I know @S7campusLifer threw his card collector/hearthstone scrap/dust feature analogy around, but there’s a huge difference… you scrap/dust cards to make more of the cards you ant. I have NEVER seen a game that FORCES you to destroy collectables to upgrade other collectables. This is a card collector / arena deck battler, not an RPG crafting profession.

I still can not understand how the dust change makes sense in any way of how it adds any “value” or “fun” to the game at all.

@S7campusLifer I Strongly agree with Lyth.

I would add that bringing back 2v2 for people to play outside of alliances ( I mean arena 2v2, not just practive match/ worthless global challenge 2v2 ) in conjunction with adding dust as rewards (without inflating dust cost -its insane enough already) might actually help breath some life back into the competitive aspect of the game, which would in turn help keep the game alive.

Side Note: Bots are a little crazy at this point. For 2v2, the amount of bots you have is out of control. We can all tell when we are against bots based on the simple mechanics of matchmaking searches ie, arena 2v2 against players in different alliances = bot match. I get the purpose of bots because the game is hemorrhaging players, but maybe you should start taking the veteran player’s suggestions into account to help patch the wound.

Thanks for the support.

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