Strategies to get coins faster as well as idea for what to do with gold extra cards etc

There are a few ways to make coins a little quicker.

The gauntlet: get good at creating all different types of decks and knowing the units like the. BAck if your hand. If you get 12 wins you get around 10-20k coins (I’m guessing) I’ve gotten 12 many times and it’s a quick way to get cards and coins. Especially if you get 7 wins, because with those 7 wins your gems are refunded and your run was free. The only thing I would add to this mode would be adding more gems if you get higher. So you could essentially be earning gems instead of replacing them just like in hearthstones arena.

Epic and rare boxes: these boxes contain 1-9,000 coins (with the elite boost)’

Invest in buying the Phoenix forged packs. Not only do you get coins, but season tokens. You can then use those tokens to not only buy the newest units, but you can unlock chests and coins too.

First win of the day ( based on your rank) can get up to 10k.

The reason they made it harder to get coins is because of people like me who spend a couple thousand and already maxed out quite a few decks. They can’t produce the content quick enough. So, basically coin inflation was widening the gap between f2p and paid players. M

Something I would like to see is the option to always get coins as a choice in a quest chest, because I already have thousands of copies of every card and gold is useless to me at this time. This would make me very happy. And I think adding skins to the shop in exchange for gold would be a good idea to cater to your pay to play and veteran players.

LEts get rid of these extra card copies. The only reason I buy chests anymore is for coins only. (And season tokens if necessary) another thought I had was to allow us to buy season 1 items with good, but make the price for those items reasonably expensive, so that way the people who spent the time and money to get those exclusive cards don’t feel screwed as much, plus they may need a few more anyways to complete epic or rare seasonn1 units. Skins are also something we all want from season 1 so we would like to see that there too. Another option is to let us use gold to do the gauntlet. There’s a lot of ideas out there, we just need to give them time to grow the company.

Just hang in there guys! Because when we start to be unreasonable with the devs (I know they dropped the ball on this one) and start threatening them and calling them names, they’re less likely gonna want to work with us. Just remember, yes employees of companies can be jerks and or assuages, but so can customers. So let’s work together with the devs and we might get somewhere.

Don’t hold your breath though

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