Still need more coins πŸ˜…

Hey guys,
am I the only one who thinks we should get more coins. The daily bonus and the quest rewards help but it is not enough! I have like 50 upgrades ready but never have any money. I saved like a week an got 180800 with spending like 70€ and palying a lot this is nearly enough to upgrade kuro to lvl 17. We need coinboost maybe we can find a great idea playing since the start and want do help improve the game a lil bit.

Gretings Hauszer


You’re definitely not the only one. This has been a huge discussion, the devs know we’re pissed about it but it’s clear they kinda don’t care

Definitely not the only one. Huge dissatisfaction on our end


Cards and coins are strongly unbalanced. But devs seem not care about it.

We definitely care about it! We’ve been chatting about it at What are your plans moving forward with gold and extra cards? Please respond devs!, among other places. Definitely an open challenge.

Edit: Closing this thread, but please feel free to add to the discussion on the linked post!