Still getting chat messages that someone ranked up (Edited title)

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Thank you for reporting this. We’ll get this fixed.

Yeah because in light of how you destroyed the game this is important? You have no sense of priorities.

I have not stated a prioritization.

This is a super easy bug to fix — just looking for that text string in our code base and deleting it :v:

You have said again and again you are a small team who only has so many people to focus on things and need to prioritize what is important. You ignored all our warnings about what the update was going to do to the game. I find it confusing that we get one post that says we are going to prioritize adding back 2v2 because NOW we see how upset people are and what a mistake it was to remove it and a second post from you that says we will fix this minor bug that has ZERO impact on game play or player satisfaction.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to, but I feel like I’ve been pretty consistent in my messaging on this topic before and after the release

Here’s what I wrote on this topic prior to release:

My messaging on this topic yesterday, after release:

I am referring to S7Dave’s posts that occurred pretty quickly after the update landed and the complaints started.

Here are the statements I am referring to seems a lot more immediate than what you are saying. I can’t seem to get the attribution to past in too this thread but they were from a post entitled 2v2s or something close to that.

The feature is still present – see the chat page (top-right corner). It doesn’t give rewards now – we’re working on getting rewards into 2v2 again in a future release. I’m very sorry it didn’t make it for this release.


Agreed. This was an oversight. We’re on it. All I can offer at this point is my apology that 2v2 rewards aren’t ready yet.

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