Starting card randomness


The randomness of the cards in the starting hand is horrible. Most games it just becomes who has the best luck of getting their starter cards like teddie and shield drone. Just played the event and i have a full row of dedicated tech 0 starters and yet i started with all tech 2 cards and skill cards while i vs someone with shield drones on both side and teddies bashing my shields. By the time i get ne thing out shields are almost down. Tech 0 cards came in at the end lmao. Tech 0 cards need to have a higher starting % or this game just becomes luck based.


Hi @Kimchee

For sure it’s frustrating when your card draw doesn’t work out the way you’d like. The card draw draw rules for starting hands works the same for all players. Sometimes when you play poker you do everything right and you still get unlucky. It sucks when that happens :stuck_out_tongue:

This sorta thing can definitely happen – dedicating a bunch of your deck to tech-0 cards means you are less likely to get in this position, but it doesn’t guarantee it. You’re more likely to be able to stop a nash-tech-0 rush, but not guaranteed. If we made it guaranteed, then the entire rush strategy would work 0% of the time and the game would have one less strategy going on – making the battles less diverse and interesting. I’ve seen what happens when we param the game such that there’s no viable rush strategies. Every game turns into the same exact strategy of doing energy efficient efficient trades — it feels very flat and much more boring. We don’t want to go there :stuck_out_tongue:


But at what point is this game about skill? Most other games are fine with this type of randomness because ur cards will b drawn as u play a card but most games played here i dont even see the end half of my deck. Sure im not saying take away all the luck but the randomness of starter cards and the speed of cards coming out i feel needs to be tweaked. Most card games when u play a card u draw a card.


That was a typical PG “is what it is, deal with it.” Reply. Notice the flippant emoji at the end? They don’t really care about this issue.


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