Stage 4-50 bugs

Stage 4-50 is BUGGED OUT ! There’s no way the bot can upgrade units in beginning of a match before I have even accumulated 3 energy bars of my own , it’s supposed to be a Kuro match but it’s Avas , the rate of troops deployed is impossible to produce, even for a player with all 3 generators and center field generators on both sides…especially when they haven’t built a single generator of there own yet

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Yes I agree before I can get two generators the bots have flooded the win rate has drop big time and they playing fast with no generations.

Comp had Avasa out in 18 seconds multiple times and upgrading off 3 energy. I played it about 10 times before i beat it.

Agree. Complete BS. Same with 5-10. Why does Roxie upgrade at 4 secs? Both upgrades by 8 secs and start to flood the field with troops.

Ridiculous. How does this even happen?

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