Specter appears behind barricade at base

In regards to my battle against Mike of DeadlySins last night, I was wondering how I won until Mike brought this to my attention. Youโ€™ll see me use a lvl 17 Mimic on my only Specter in play, and not only does the correct specter appear, but another one showed up at his base behind his barricade. Mike was definitely beating me, and the only reason I won was because of this bug. If possible, Mike should get the medals for that win instead of me.


Wait a second. Isnโ€™t this a bug that was supposedly fixed a while ago?? Itโ€™s obviously not fixed. We have a horrible update that 99% of the player base donโ€™t like, but a bug thatโ€™s been around for a while still isnโ€™t fixed :joy::joy: Okโ€ฆ

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