Soooo...are the devs concerned orrrr?

Your top players are leaving daily. Big spenders, active, gone. I want to know what you guys are going to do to actually keep your players? So far, I haven’t seen a single comment or game change that shows any sort of concern that the game is obviously dying. I have seen comments from players over and over saying it just isn’t fun anymore. These are people that have spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your game. We have paid your salaries. We have paid for content. Hell, we’ve even paid for marketing. We’re not seeing a single return on our investments, and there’s no excuse for it.

So I want to know how you guys up at S7 feel about your top dedicated players leaving. And most importantly, what are you guys going to do about it? Where does our money go? What are you guys doing to keep new players (who more often than not get frustrated with the game early on and quit)? What is the incentive for reaching champion and sticking with the game?

If you guys keep ignoring this major issue of unhappy players, there won’t be a game at all before too long. Pretty sure I warned you guys that this was going to happen a couple months ago


Well said, Keys!!! And I mirror her sentiment…


DarkAngel and son

These are only the ones I can think of off the top of my head. There are A LOT more


So true. Matchmaking is worse as 17 level unit player/ champion. Often we are stuck in the queue. I get that it is worked on still no solution for now.
Also why not higher the money income (higher chest coin reward) so new players get higher faster and result the matchmaking problem will solved. Meaning lower the grind and instead make a endgame like 2vs2 league. Maybe 2vs2 events will do. Right now we keep being in queue and same enemies over again if we find some after 5 minutes or more.


Well and the excuse they keep giving for long wait times is low player base. Ok, they’ve identified the problem. Fix it. I personally know of a top YouTuber that would love to be sponsored by the game. They have over 500k subs, and it’s growing. They have a few videos that have over a million views. And for Christ’s sake, do the damn android release already!

This game is coming up on a year old and the problems it has shouldn’t be an issue anymore. If they would just listen to us, this game would be huge and successful


And many many others Keys. The devs are shooting themselves in the foot over and over again. I think they want to remove 1 toe at a time.


Boy it sure seems that way, doesn’t it?

Kuma quit for a while

More than a year if you count rebel sky’s ( strange sevens just updated graphics and name and some server assets)

Also we want FIXES not friggin gems

Yep. All of these issues would have never existed if this game had a beta.

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Honestly, if we are stepping back for a step, it seems only « top » players are the issues. They are bothering a simple algorithm of matchmaking. They are complaining all the time of forum. It seems that most of these players are historical ones, which managed to « profit » from the easier access to currencies (coins/gold) at the launch of the game to « escape » ahead of the mass player majority. Maybe devs look for it, as the game could profit from it on their prospective… just another prospective there…

It is not only older players complaining. Look at the many posts on “how are new players supposed to be competitive”, the many posts complaining about new players having no access to season 1, etc etc.


Many things are unexplainable:

  • no coins
  • boring bosses with senseless gold
  • destroyed gauntlet and guests
  • no access to previous season units (why didn’t include them on donation? Units currently available for donation all players already have the cards but don’t have coins to upgrade)

Graphics and game dynamic is great but something is wrong with devs decisions. General manager responsibility? Or what?


And yet when players leave. There seems to be always someone new to take their place :sweat_smile:

That’s not true, at least if it is they aren’t as apparent as the players we’ve lost. The top guilds stay full but the others end up dropping or having to take much lower ranked players because so many people have left. The game used to have a ton of more competitive guilds. The only reason I left Space Bandits was the player loss and that’s also why I left Synergy. Both have recovered in numbers but I don’t think either is what they were at their best (no offense to Eplayer or Savvy both awesome guild leaders).


Well I guess the important thing is the revenue is seemingly intact. That’s probably the most valuable metric?

I don’t see how the revenue could be intact tbh.

New players have likely been spending more. I would guess actual revenue is actually up or down less than 10%

If one alliance would not have gutted 3 others to fight for top spots, then it would have keep more competitive alliance. That s a standard process in games. However we can t argue that this move didn t lead to the problem you mentioned.

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