Something wrong with green chest or Unlucky?

So before this patch, I at least get a good amount of rare and epic units per day. 1 legendary every other week. Maybe i’m super unlucky but i’m now getting 1 common a day. I’m sure other people are getting rare units. Is it impossible to upgrade my epic and legendary units now? My alliance members are buying a shit ton of chests and they still get nothing. Please tell me how I can progress in this current state of the game.


Re: “I used to get X cards a day/week and now I get less.” Yes, we drop way fewer cards per day now, but we’ve also drastically reduced the number of cards required to upgrade. Check out this thread for more details Missing Card Bugs - working on fixes but for example it used to take 850 common cards to upgrade from level 16 to 17. It now only takes 24. When the requirements to upgrade are so much lower, it’s not a useful to comparison to say “I used to get X cards per day.”

The probabilities are posted in the “info” button on the Recruit Chest.

Previously card drop rates were very very loose — almost trash compared to coins. Cards are generally much more in line with coins now, and depending on the rarity, more so.

These probabilities are in-line with other mobile games card drop rates for common, epic, rare, legendary, etc.

So basically legendaries are 1%, and epics are 5%. With the amount of chest we are getting, if luck is on our side, it will take us 1-2 months to get one legendary. In the past drop rates are much better than this. I don’t think these drop rates can be compared to other games because in other games having 1 copy is fine. While in this game, having a level 10-12 legendary unit doesn’t do you any good. You downscaled units, decreased drop rates, allowing only 1 unit per chest, additional mandatory currency for upgrades (scraps).These are all extra boundaries and i can’t see how people can progress in the game. I get this is for people who maxed their unit out but can’t you see this doesn’t benefit anyone. The fact that you have to give out free scrap and gems signifies there is something wrong with this system. It is not sustainable.


Someone did the math and as free to play you can get a max of 2 1/3 recruitment chests per day, and that’s with spending the gems you get daily. At the rate of given cards it’ll take you 4-years, give or take a couple months, if you are lucky, to get a single faction to level 17. It’ll take 12 years give or take a year to get decks with level 17 cards across all 3 factions. The give or take numbers are dependent on your luck and how well you perform in events without spending money.

I don’t know what games you play but NONE of the games I played before this one had such low rates. If I were starting now I would never have continued.

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