Something’s seriously wrong with match making

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In case you wonder, I’m the left. And in case you didn’t realize, my opponents were 5-8 leagues above me. How on earth do you expect me to beat a guy with mostly level-15s when my best unit is level 13 and most of my units are in 10s or 11s? I don’t just get this situation once in a while, I bump into these guys every day, and in weekly events too. I feel I was there to entertain them instead of rivaling them. What is happening to our match system?!

Hi @Alphredo! Thanks for reporting this issue. Matchmaking continues to be a major issue that we need to fix. May I ask which mode you’re using in this screenshot? Are you in 1v1, 2v2, event, gauntlet?

The screenshots were taken in the most recent event games, but the situation happens pretty much in all modes, although the situation is less severe in 1v1 and 2v2 games (usually 4-league difference at most).

Hi @Alphredo. There’s a long discussion of matchmaking in this other extremely similarly named thread Something is seriously wrong with matchmaking. Here’s my notes on matchmaking, as it relates to events:

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