Something is wrong with event’s points

With around 2500 points: a win gives me 150 points. Then the next 5 points. It is not possible that difference. The opponents were not soooo different. When we have 2000 or 3000 points, matching a game to give 5 points doesn’t make sense considering a loss as 1 point. Remember we spend diamonds to play.

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Yep same thing May I have multiple screenshots if you would like me to send them to you but I have many matches where I get away with 12 metals or five or 10 and I have lost two games out of 15. They told me that there was a bug on my other post about this and they don’t want to do anything to compensate for our losses and she said oh well sorry but screw you even though you spent $2000 on my Game. I have already put in a ticket with Apple to receive a full refund for everything I’ve spent with this company because if they’re shady business tactics and calling in in game currency manipulation and deception. It’s sad too because I really do like this game a lot and I want to continue playing but I don’t want to continue being exploited and being ignored I have too many people like that in my life already and I had to get rid of them so I may have to get rid of this game.

This should be fixed as of the v2.31 update today.

Still having problems it is getting annoying since matchmaking is pretty unfair for lower level people so a win shouldnt give me 5 medals

Hi @SuperScrub. Can you please provide details on what you’re seeing? If there’s further bugs we definitely want to fix it, but I’m not actually understanding the problem you’re experiencing. As you seeing the bug in the last hour? The problem was intended to be fixed this afternoon.

Yea so im kinda knew to the game and idk if what i am experiencing is a bug but im around 3,100 medals in the event. First of all my matching is terrible and im Rank 1 in my event bracket so i dont want to keep losing to level 10’s. Second of all after winning the few games i could i would end up getting around 5-25 medals instead of the 125 I was originally earning.

@S7campusLifer did you find anything about the bug or what?

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