Something is seriously wrong with matchmaking

Fix the matchmaking. This game is unplayable in 2v2 and the higher level alliances know it. They just team up and your algorithm will just endlessly put them against other players that have no chance

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Also…the fix of: play more than 1v1 instead of 2v2 until we fix it is ridiculously stupid. The gap between the top of your player base and everyone else just continues to increase in the meantime. If you were serious about fixing the issue for the good of the entire player base, you would shut down 2v2 for maintenance, or put a cap on matches or something. Telling people that downloaded your game to “just not play part of it”? That’s kind of shoddy customer service.


I think it was because the 2v2 option also appears in alliance and in chat that I knew it wasn’t affected by the timer whereas the 1v1 option only appears under multiplayer the same place the timers appear for the chests.

@Lyth thanks for the info. I’ll have our UX team think about your feedback and how to fix it. For sure our intention is that people should know they can play 1v1 and 2v2 as much as they want.

Hello everyone.

We understand that everyone is very upset about matchmaking in events and 2v2. We want to work towards addressing this as soon as we can. There isn’t enough time for us to get this into our next app update, but we’re definitely working on this and will get this into an upcoming app update as soon as we can.

I wish I could snap my fingers and make this happen tomorrow, or even this week. I don’t want to set unrealistic expectations. Our team of engineers estimates at least a couple of weeks of work to implement our first set of changes just for 2v2 matchmaking. That estimate is without doing work on implement “events matchmaking” or putting any of this through QA, bugfixing, release, other testing, apple app review process, etc.

We’ve rearranged the prioritization of our backlog to try to address these things as soon as we can.


Another main issue for events is the difference in unit levels. Why not make the events like the Gauntlet and have everyone on a level playing field?


I think people would be willing to wait a little longer to get a matchup, if they know that the matchup will be more even as a result.

Also to avoid sandbagging, maybe matchups can be based on barrier level instead of medal level?



FYI: We’ve ported over our functionality from 1v1 to events. My belief is that while we have more to do, events matchmaking has improved a lot.

We still have not implemented changes to 2v2 matchmaking. It’s relatively more difficult. It is on our roadmap to do this.

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