Something is seriously wrong with matchmaking


Ok we all know matchmaking is an issue but it’s gotten worse. I am gold 1 highest I ever made was gold 2. I got matched against the #3 overall player who has all level 17 cards, my highest card is 13 and that’s 1 card not even in the deck I was playing. It was a joke but to make it worse it knocked off a significant amount of my progress bar when I lost. It should have been so far above me as to barely knock anything off. Stuff like this makes the game unplayable.

Matchups Unfair
Match making and unit scaling

@Lyth A matchup like this is super-uncommon (low single-digit percents), but does happen when there are few people of similar rank queue up. As hinted here, we have some matchmaking changes coming up that aim to alleviate these a bit. Be on the lookout for more details very soon!


My gold decks get put against diamond fives and challengers, etc, all of the time. I don’t feel like it’s that uncommon.


Not uncommon at all. There’s very few games I play that are actually competitive. It’s mostly luck of the draw for who has the higher lvl cards. I’m hoping they find a way to actually fix the problem and not just say they did, because it’s a good idea for a game but if it’s only gonna be who paid more to have better cards, why bother? It’s not even fun at that point even when u win.


It’s not uncommon whatsoever. It’s constant. You’re either matched way way above or way way below. Either way it’s not fair. I assume that SS/PG don’t know/don’t care that even someone not that far ahead of you rank wise actually probably has a much higher deck.

The other massive issue is the monthly reset. It not only allows for, but basically encourages sandbagging in both event and core game. It’s so incredibly boring and annoying…tbh I’m out. My elite went out today and I won’t be renewing. I’m so happy I didn’t invest anything in this game.


Hi everyone. May I ask which mode you believe this is happening most egregiously? Is it in events? 1v1? 2v2?


It happens most in 2v2. You get matched with a one star silver, and meet two gold players😅 it’s incredibly frustrating. It’s like an attempt to hold mid level players down, or have them spend more for bigger units.

But the sandbagging is mainly for events. Where people artificially hold down a deck to get easier match ups. That’s actually sickening tbh. I just met a player with a bronze deck with level 14 units lol.

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Saw that last one a lot in my last favorite game. One player in particular was famous for rank-diving. Top ranked player but so many other players had wins against him as he’d tank his ranking because then the wins came easier, the wins brought plentiful rewards, and that’s how he built his deck up to keep climbing back to the top ranks.

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I’m going to give another huge problem with matchmaking and that’s giving the same person or same group multiple times. How hard is it to put one line of code that checks if you just fought that group. If it’s an easy win you shouldn’t get them again and if it’s way over you you shouldn’t get them again. I just fought the same group with me having the same partner 3 times in a row and I’m gold 4 but my partner was silver 6 and they were diamond 2 or 3 and gold 6 if I recall. And we got them 3 times in a row of which one was kind of close and the other 2 we just got overwhelmed. It’s got to be one of the most frustrating parts and they were just taking in more points with no real challenge.

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Ok, Surely We Aren't the Only Ones
Event match making broken?

Hi guys.

Let me give you a little more transparency why I keep asking which queue you’re having problems with:

  • We agree matchmaking needs more work and understand it’s a major problem.
  • The way we’re doing this is by first attacking ranked 1v1 queue and try to make it “good”. I think we’ve made a lot of progress making 1v1 better, but it’s still far from perfect. We continue to try more things to make 1v1 matchmaking better.
  • Once we think we’ve “got it right” in the 1v1 mode, we’re going to port over the proven ideas to the other matchmaking queues (Gauntlet, 2v2, events, etc.)
  • This means that in the meantime, those other modes won’t get any better for a while. This kinda sucks, but my belief is that if we tried to split our attention doing our experiments across all the queues at once, we’d never get anywhere.

If you’re experiencing matchmaking problems in the 1v1 ranked queue, I’m 100% super interested and want all sorts of details. These are definitely things we need to know and want to fix soon.

If you’re experiencing matchmaking problems in the 2v2, event or gauntlet queues then I still want to hear about it because it reminds me that there’s a lot of people who really need and want us to get those modes fixed too. But my hope is that when we port over our existing work from 1v1 we’ll knockout all of these problems en-masse.

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Something is wrong with event matchmaking
Something’s seriously wrong with match making

Appreciate the answer CL, but that does t for me for now anyways. Good luck in the future all😊

Why is it so hard to get an even match?

So you said it should be super uncommon well I just got put up against champion level plus high diamond 5 times in a row while I was gold 6 pair with a diamond 1. That was rediculous we had no chance at all against that pair. We tried waiting a bit still got put against them.


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The 2v2 queue does not operate in the same manner as 1v1. Unfortunately, there’s likely going to be even fewer possible closely-matched matchups for 2v2 than there are for 1v1. That being said, improving 2v2 is something on our list of to-dos that we’ll be experimenting with soon.


Hi @Lyth. Please see my previous comment about 2v2. We recognize it’s a problem and the explanation is above. Are you experiencing similar problems in ranked 1v1?


The entire system is broken. From the fact the central energy stations are so important to the game and the early rush to them is more often than not decided by whoever drew the luckiest set of starting cards. To the fact units like Seraphs can destroy any of the other units biggest guns before they’re even in range. Most air units are killed for the same reason. Things like grenades have to be super precise or they won’t do their job, and the extra cost of energy has only amplified the problems, IMO.

Do you guys even play your own game? How is this stuff not obvious to you? Like I said in my other post before I got referenced here. I want to like this game. I think it has a lot of potential, I can count on one hand the number of times a match has been decided (both W’s and L’s) because one player outplayed another. More often then not, if it’s not because the level of cards is too different, it’s because one player had more cards that could be played early. (Like 3 of Giga’s Nano shields off the bat makes it almost impossible to keep up if the other person has a lot of low cost swarm units to start with. And yes, I’ve had that happen to me way too much to be an anomaly.)

It doesn’t matter the format. All of them are unbalanced.

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There’s a lot here to talk about, but the frustration is not lost on us. A lot of these things are strategy and gameplay issues that, with enough experience, can be overcome.

Chance is a small part of each game when it comes to card draw, but careful deckbuilding is very important too. Increasing the odds of drawing cards that are “playable” and flexible is key to having a good match start.

There has been some discussion about this here.

The radius of a lot of spells (including Frag Grenade) have been increased by 50% in v2.10 so that it’s a lot easier to hit your mark. Arcane Blast still requires some skill and precision to be effective though.

While Power Plants cost more, their energy generation rate in addition to the global generation rate have both increased proportionally. In v2.10, if your first play is to toss down a Power Plant, it takes a couple seconds longer, but after that, your next energy expenditures are quite a bit faster than before. It took some getting used to personally, but I’ve mostly stopped playing a Power Plant immediately.

Yep, every day (even weekends)! We play-tested the new energy rates for about a month. That being said, we can’t experience all the possible situations that our entire playerbase will encounter, which is why constructive feedback is important.

I ran into something similar when playing Giga, and it ended up being a deckbuilding issue. I had too many spells, and not enough units in my setup. While 3 Nanoshields is just plain bad, the odds of that happening are in the single-digit percents. Giga is all about controlling the field so that you can push without fear from the Nanoshield protecting your units, so a more aggro strategy befits him.


While there are certainly strategy issues to gameplay the fact is the matchmaking is putting us against people we have no chance against due to differences in card level frequently. They are often much higher rank than us but frequently are lower rank but with much higher cards. When that happens it’s even worse because you can lose a huge chunk of your progress bar that it took all day to get. For that matter I find when I go against people 2-4 ranks higher I still lose much more than I generally win in an even match. It’s getting frustrating to the point of making me not want to play. I really like this game so I am pushing through but there are many times I just need to walk away and that’s usually the first sign that a game is on it’s way out for me.


I’m sorry but chance is a huge part of this game. From whether or not you’re even against someone who it’s even possible to beat, to whether or not you get a good set of starting cards etc. Sure, deck building can help, playing strategically can help, but neither of those factor into it as much as chance does. But what really is annoying is upgrading cards only to be pitted against players with an even higher set of cards. Your answers make me feel like you’re not admitting an obvious flaw in the game and thus there’s little reason to hope it will improve which is unfortunate because I really wanted a reason to stay.

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I realize this is a game in development and have been patient with difficulties. Honestly, I’ve found many difficulties to be easy enough to overcome. But I have to agree with the frustration expressed in this thread. Matchmaking is bad and getting worse at what appears to be an accelerated rate. And the frequency of recurring bad matchups is also getting worse. If I see Darkangel and Darkangels_son on the other side of a matchup as happens all too often I quit the matchup, eat the loss, and put the game down for an hour or so anymore. There was discussion of temporarily increasing the value of a player’s cards if they have to enter an unbalanced matchup but my gameplay experience is that this is not happening or the increase is of little significance in balancing the match. The number of games I have to quit in order to get to entertaining battles in my limited amount of playtime has gone way up lately. If the excuse to not addressing the balance issues in 2v2 continues to be that work continues on 1v1 then, given the lack of complaints on balance issues in 1v1 I’m seeing, it seems reasonable to set that work aside for now and approach fixing the problems that are most impacting the players. There may be good reason for completing the 1v1 work before moving on but given the rate of deterioration experienced in 2v2 matchups I think changing focus is a thing to be considered.

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So the newest problem with your matchmaking adjustment is the following. I went against a gold 6 with my gold 5 level 11 Val. Somehow his barrier level was 15 and mine was lowered to 9 and it’s not the first time it happened. in 1v1 I had my almost diamond Val team knocked down from a couple of fights short of diamond to gold 4 with one after another fights that were terribly matched. The opponents even when lower ranked than me were higher level always. The game is becoming very unfun.