Something is seriously wrong with matchmaking


Ok we all know matchmaking is an issue but it’s gotten worse. I am gold 1 highest I ever made was gold 2. I got matched against the #3 overall player who has all level 17 cards, my highest card is 13 and that’s 1 card not even in the deck I was playing. It was a joke but to make it worse it knocked off a significant amount of my progress bar when I lost. It should have been so far above me as to barely knock anything off. Stuff like this makes the game unplayable.


@Lyth A matchup like this is super-uncommon (low single-digit percents), but does happen when there are few people of similar rank queue up. As hinted here, we have some matchmaking changes coming up that aim to alleviate these a bit. Be on the lookout for more details very soon!


My gold decks get put against diamond fives and challengers, etc, all of the time. I don’t feel like it’s that uncommon.


Not uncommon at all. There’s very few games I play that are actually competitive. It’s mostly luck of the draw for who has the higher lvl cards. I’m hoping they find a way to actually fix the problem and not just say they did, because it’s a good idea for a game but if it’s only gonna be who paid more to have better cards, why bother? It’s not even fun at that point even when u win.


It’s not uncommon whatsoever. It’s constant. You’re either matched way way above or way way below. Either way it’s not fair. I assume that SS/PG don’t know/don’t care that even someone not that far ahead of you rank wise actually probably has a much higher deck.

The other massive issue is the monthly reset. It not only allows for, but basically encourages sandbagging in both event and core game. It’s so incredibly boring and annoying…tbh I’m out. My elite went out today and I won’t be renewing. I’m so happy I didn’t invest anything in this game.


Hi everyone. May I ask which mode you believe this is happening most egregiously? Is it in events? 1v1? 2v2?


It happens most in 2v2. You get matched with a one star silver, and meet two gold players😅 it’s incredibly frustrating. It’s like an attempt to hold mid level players down, or have them spend more for bigger units.

But the sandbagging is mainly for events. Where people artificially hold down a deck to get easier match ups. That’s actually sickening tbh. I just met a player with a bronze deck with level 14 units lol.


Saw that last one a lot in my last favorite game. One player in particular was famous for rank-diving. Top ranked player but so many other players had wins against him as he’d tank his ranking because then the wins came easier, the wins brought plentiful rewards, and that’s how he built his deck up to keep climbing back to the top ranks.


I’m going to give another huge problem with matchmaking and that’s giving the same person or same group multiple times. How hard is it to put one line of code that checks if you just fought that group. If it’s an easy win you shouldn’t get them again and if it’s way over you you shouldn’t get them again. I just fought the same group with me having the same partner 3 times in a row and I’m gold 4 but my partner was silver 6 and they were diamond 2 or 3 and gold 6 if I recall. And we got them 3 times in a row of which one was kind of close and the other 2 we just got overwhelmed. It’s got to be one of the most frustrating parts and they were just taking in more points with no real challenge.