Something is really off with boom radius

I have no idea how radius that the explosion in boom does is calculated but why do I put a soul thief down at a distance from reinforcements and it get affected by the explosion and the reinforcements themselves don’t?

Agreed it’s weird. Also, this is by far the worst event ever. It was like pulling teeth just to use all the tickets I had. Boom without Val is slow and incredibly boring.

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I’m not understanding the situation, I think. They aren’t affected by friendly explosions, I’m pretty sure. What else would they be hit by?

I think he is saying his reinforcements were not affected by his enemies boom but his soul thief was. Perhaps the explosion has a wider radius at the top like a A bomb plume? :man_shrugging:t2:

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It may be an air/ground thing? I noted the issue for our team to look at. If you send in a ticket to our zendesk with a replay showing this, it would help us track down the issue. Thanks!

I don’t have any replays anymore… we are already in the next event.

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