Solo option 4 adventure bosses

I love the concept but I would much rather see a solo option for these battles. That way I can only team up with people when the levels are too difficult to defeat on my own. So having the option for both solo and co-op with an alliance member would be so much better. Because their are so many levels for each boss I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding people that will run them with me. Especially without a chat box while the game is in Queue. Which I think is an important addition that should be made in order to allow players to determine strategy before the match while at the same time relaxing any stress some players have with wait times in multiplayer. But anyway, my main point is a solo and co-op option for the new adventure bosses


I’m having similar problem, mostly because there is no reward for helping a friend. If you defeated a boss that both you and your friend have at lv 1 it should count for both, not only for the player hosting the raid. That is my main frustration atm.

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