So there’s something wrong with this image..(hint: it’s in 2v2 and not gauntlet)



Is the implication that 2v2 gave you an unfair match?

If so, sadly I’m unsurprised. We agree it sucks and it needs to be fixed. Unfortunately it’s gonna take a while to port over our fixed from 1v1 to the 2v2 mode. More details on this subject to be found in the following thread: Something is seriously wrong with matchmaking

You just need to match player to opponent first…like you do in 1v1 matching player to ally and then trying to find suitable opponents causes problems.

Funny thing is the people in my alliance I 2v2 with are equal level and rank to me, so it should be extra easy for us to find a good match. We’re both level 22 so you can see how that hypothesis worked out for us lol

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