So that’s what y’all been working on this emotes not updates

So this whole time y’all been working on emotes and not updates and changes to the game lmao :joy: y’all really showing us how much y’all listening to the community show a drag to see emotes before updates whoever buy this crap :poop: is a fool no money to games fixes and updates


Development teams are staffed with people of different capabilities. We can’t simply shift everyone onto specific projects interchangeably — e.g., an artist can’t necessarily jump in and code 2v2 mode. An engineer trained in 3d graphics background can’t necessarily jump over and fix networking code problems.

Specifically, for newer engineers we usually put them onto a lower risk project for them to learn. It’s not a good idea to throw a new person at something which has high risk (such as changing matchmaking systems.)

Emotes were implemented by our summer intern a few months ago. We finally had the space QA cycles to test and release his feature. We had him assigned to a “fun project” as opposed to something on the critical path. In the past, it’s been a bad situation when we staffed interns on critical path projects because they would sometimes end up leaving to go back to school in the middle of it, leaving us with a half-finished project.


I got you and for support i know I said I wouldn’t spend money but that’s do make sense what u said I’m going to buy the pack cuz I want this game to do will and your response means a lot not just to me but to everyone thanks again for answering quick and I will getting the pack for support of the game and I like ur response keep working hard and I’m sure something good is coming


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