So how about all those unreleased units we got to see briefly


I am excite. Some of them look nuts.


Hi @CrispyLardon.

Oh man. I guess briefly you saw the bug. Well, that wasn’t supposed to go live. We turned off the server and fixed it as quickly as we could. blargh.

Maybe possibly related comment: Many players are complaining they’re running out of content and things to do. We have a bunch of new things planned and I’m personally very excited by the things I’ve played. I think this stuff will be insanely fun / innovative / interesting / strategic.


:ava_gg: Glad to hear that they’ve got you hyped, @CrispyLardon! It wasn’t ideal for those to get out into the wild yet, but we do have multiple units for each faction in prototyping. As we get further along in the process, we’d love to share some of the newest army additions to you guys when they’re ready!

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