Smurfing in matchmaking

Can the admins take a look at Darkangel and darkangels_son. They play 2v2 and it’s champion and stone and the son (with a stone ranking) has level 12 units at least. They get paired against silvers and win every game. They are clearly tanking the “son” account to guarantee a win in 2v2s. I’ve faced them at least twice.

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This screenshot was taken by one of the players that are on the Wild Beyond Discord server, vBlynd. Just to back up Zuck’s post:

This seriously needs to be taken care of. Otherwise, more players will exploit this loophole. As my alliance members encounter this type of situation more than once.

Hi. Thank you for reporting. We agree this is a problem and are discussing solutions to address this.

As I’ve said before devs, it’s not just in 2v2 that this is happening. They’re sandbagging each event.

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There’s two different issues going on:

  • 2v2 matchmaking using direct messages allows players with very different ranks to play together.
  • Rank border of players in events.

For the first issue: It was an oversight that this is allowed. We are discussing how to deal with this and hope to have something rolled out soon.

For the second issue: Currently this border is showing a different border than we would like. In this situation in Events, the player in the question isn’t doing anything weird or bad or “sandbagging events.” In the future, we’ll change this screen so that it shows the border of their highest faction in ranked.

I agree that matchmaking should be based on a set of comprehensive factors and not rank alone. However, there comes a situation that we just want to get online for 10 minutes to collect our chests during a workday. If we always face same-level, dedicated hardcore diehard players, we are going to spend hours and lose not only our games but also our jobs. There should just be a “chest” mode so we play our fair share but can make the games quick. Just my $0.02.

It’s almost like their alliance isnt good enough to beat you so they sandbag to get easier medals…

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