Small glitch found

I found a glitch where when I go into the special section of buying chests it puts the amount of gems I have on the far left side nest to the coins

Hi @Qiblisandwing. Sorry about that! We see this kind thing intermittently but never when an engineer has a debugger attached. I don’t suppose you have reliable steps which can reproduce the problem?

When you’re in the main screen of the game go to to the recruit section.

Hi @Qiblisandwing. I’m not sure I follow. I don’t see a bug in the images you just posted. Does the bug reproduce for you?

@S7campusLifer. From the Home screen, click on the Recruit tab. It will cause the bug. The bug will then carry back over to the Home screen. It can be reset to normal by clicking on the tab to buy Gems/Coins, but will return again by going back to Recruit.

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