Small announcements around event leaderboard prizing

I’m under the impression that some players did not know the following information:

The prizes you can earn from winning on the the event leaderboard have been raised dramatically over the last few events!

If you hadn’t heard, please make sure to give it a look!

Well that doesn’t matter, considering there’s no way to compete fairly in these events anymore.

Literally, this destroyed a great game and made it only a viable game for whales. I’m almost done after this last tournament

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I’ve felt the same way. The gap between pay to win and casuals is gigantic. I’ve spent a little on this game, but it sucks being low diamond just to continually beat your head against level 17 units that it would take years to attain. Especially with the new units being so strong with no way to defend against. Like the teleport. How do you defend that?

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We have a series of features we have in the works to attempt to address the issues you’re talking about.

At a high level, we’re going to do work around (1) Improving the matchmaking in events so you’re getting a fairer match with a reasonable wait. We agree this is very broken right now and hear the feedback. We’re on it. (2) Improving the leaderboard sharding system so players are slotted into leaderboards which where they have a competitive chance of being #1 on that board.

It’s going to take us a few weeks to get this work done, but it’s at the top of our priority list.

This is just very strange to me because to my knowledge this wasn’t an issue a week ago

Hi @Trey7.

Event matchmaking and 2v2 matchmaking has been our top complaint from players for a long time.

See the following threads:

We plan to roll out an improvement for event matchmaking first (because we can get it done more quickly) and then address 2v2 as a followup project.

I get the issue at hand, I’m being affected personally, I mean I don’t get how it’s happening. Ticket regen just shouldn’t be a thing if it’s not supposed to be pay to win, and I’m not going to ask for specifics as long as match making is fixed in a way where I don’t get matched with diamond when others in my league are only matching with silver

Ok then for now, return the ticket refresh system back to what it was. The matches are an issue, but you haven’t received near as many complaints for that as you have with the new outrageous pricing. I had no problem spending money on your game before this event change, I won’t be spending another dime


Agreed. The system wasn’t perfect before but it feels even worse now. Revert would be nice

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