Show Chat History Further Back in Time

I hear stuff like “there was a big discussion in global chat earlier”, but when I go there, I can’t scroll back far enough to see it. Also I’d write something in my alliance chat, someone responds, but when I log on a few hours later to see it, I can’t because it doesn’t go that far back. As long as it doesn’t cause lags, can this be increased?

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Hi. This drives us crazy too. We hope to fix this when we’re back to focusing on social features.

You can take the time to comment about this minor point but not on the thread which is talking about how you developers are potentially destroying the game with changes the players really don’t want?

Shows utter lack of concern for the playerbase.


Oh this is typical behavior of @S7campusLifer.

Lol but you guys had time to completely gut the game? Instead of fixing our complaints?? My chat history still disappears. As an officer of my alliance I need my chats! That’s been an issue since the beginning. The priorities of S7 are just incredible

@S7campusLifer I appreciate the quick response time! It’s not major at all, just something potential to add to your backlog if it’s an easy and quick fix.

@Lyth @ꀘꏂꐞꑄ𖠆 I think they responded to mine because it was a quick and easy response that they know what to say about; It sounds like they are more the messengers on this forum. But yeah, I totally agree this is a minor thing and they should focus on the complains about 2v2 going away and the missing messages bug.

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