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Drone is to way to strong for a Unit which costs only 1 Energy . Its way to easy to take mid with it and has to much health . Pls half the health of this Unit or make it 3 Energy. With this Unit Legion Rush Decks are way to strong. I think changing this Unit would bring a better Balance to the game.

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Hey hey! Yeah its pretty hard to battle a legion rush but the shield drone can easily be dealt with. I can name a couple though: longshot, deadeye, archer, blade master, junker and other units. But remember to back these units as you said. Legion would rush. So give a bit more thought when building your deck. I hope this was a helpful thing dude!


Good advice. Since armor affects each attack by a flat amount, slow & powerful hits are most effective against heavily-armored units like Shield Drone. That being said, the design team has been watching Shield Drone and armor performance in general for any needed balance changes in upcoming balance updates.


Unfortunately its not that easy.

Coming from a Top 10 player, I’m actually interested to discuss the strategies against this, specifically for Ascension heroes in a 1v1. The problem is the time spent to kill the shield drone (SD for short) and the energy tradeoff for it. Lets look at your recommendation for Ascension:

An archer for Ascension costs a total of 4 energy, while the double shield drone rush tactic only requires 2. This means a guaranteed early capture of both mid lanes for your opponent, and the freedom to push units further out (early game control wins matches, especially at higher levels).

The problem I see is Ascension has no early units that can effectively counter this quickly enough:

  1. Ascencion version of the shield drone (Sentinel) requires a tech up (too slow)
  2. Archer can counter 2x SD but is a huge energy investment and a guaranteed loss of both mid lanes. (too slow)
  3. Shadowblade requires a tech up (too slow)
  4. Freeze spells are pointless against this (still lose mid, just slower)
  5. Plasma turret suffers the same problem as archer, with the addition of no chance to retake mid.
  6. Lancers have an incredibly slow Time to Kill, and cost 2 energy more (way too slow)
  7. Scouts have an incredibly slow Time to Kill, and cost 2 energy more (also way too slow)
  8. Kuro’s arcane blast is actually one of the few early options Ascension has that works quickly, but you can typically only deal with 1 SD this way, and you lose a valuable tool for the mid-late game. (Sorry Giga, no love for you here).
  9. Teching up first takes far too long, and leaves you with no energy generation to counter the following rush (too slow)
  10. Building power plants is an option, however your opponent will still outpace you in both energy and map control by simply holding mid (Disadvantage for Ascension player).
  11. Blademaster and Alchemist aren’t even worth mentioning here, as they are both just worse versions of an archer against 2x SD, taking only one lane with all the aforementioned issues.

I’m not sure tuning down the shield drone is the right choice, but I do feel that other factions like Ascension definitely need more early game options to actually deal with it.


I can 100% agree with those points. I mostly play Ascencion and the high Unit costs of ascencion put you in a disadvantage if u need 2 archers (8energy) only to kill a shield Drone.


Excellent analysis, @Sunsets.

The bonus energy from taking the middle definitely helps tilt the table in favor of Legion here, and the team is working on testing out some changes to rebalance this (mentioned here).


@S7NotABot Until we have a definite answer or solution for this though (like reduced energy from middle, or better early units for factions like Ascension to counter the shield drone), can the team look into balancing the shield drone some? It in all honesty should have either a higher energy cost, or really it should be a 1-tech 1-energy unit, just like Ascensions Sentinel is.

Because right now, its accomplishing far too much far too quickly, with little to no early counters.


While I think shield drone is a bit strong for the cost, I would caution changing it too drastically because of the affect it has towards Avasa. I agree the Nash rush is way too strong, but avasa plays entirely different and is more focused on mid to late game.

The answer may be to give other factions better early game usage while keeping in mind that ascension can nuke all units played in early game if they pull enough spell cards and then they have seraphs which can be a nightmare to deal with, so balance in everything :+1:


Except for one small problem: You can’t nuke a shield drone early with Ascension.

I detail in an earlier post basically every option that Ascension has early for the shield drone rush, none of which are truly effective (Even a maxed 4-cost archer can’t kill a shield drone in one hit).

Any unit that guarantees an early win, or entirely shuts down another faction needs to be looked at.

The problem right now is that Nash, when combined with these maxed shield drones, simply has no counterplay for a faction like Ascension. Every option they’ve got is either too slow or ineffective if he draws the drones first (The only way you can win against a good Nash with Ascension is if he either makes a mistake, or doesn’t draw the drones early).

My complaint is that it should never be this cut and dry. Counterplay is the name of the game. Unfortunately though there just aren’t any viable counters in Ascension for this unit at the moment.

Perhaps the solution is adjusting how its armor works? Increased resistance against physical attacks, but the unit takes additional damage from magic based attacks (Perhaps a 1.5x multiplier).


I like the multiplier idea against shield bots. That would help ascention for sure


In the next big update we have a few changes that will address this issue:

  1. Center Objective income will be tuned down
  2. Shield Drone has a slight downward stat adjustment
  3. Currently armor can’t reduce incoming damage bellow 20% of the original amount, we are adjusting this minimum damage upward

Exact numbers TBD.

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