How does one access the new campaign missions? It seems impossible at this point, which suggests to me that the new content hasn’t been QA’ed at all. Not good.

Is the halving of coin accrual a bug, or was it intended as a silent change not in the release notes? The visual of accumulated coins was changed to a bigger pile. I’m imagining someone said “let’s cut the coin rate in half but double the size of the icon, they’ll never notice.”


Like i said, they want u to buy the new coins packages instead :slightly_smiling_face::-1:

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We are releasing updates today to address these problems. More details here: Version 2.70 Release Notes

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The coin rewards in the events are working to motivate me (once they’re fixed), so I comment whoever had that idea!

Or not. I notice those have been removed, mid-event. ONE GOOD THING. CAN WE NOT HAVE ONE GOOD THING?!

Hi. Sorry about that. We were also excited about the coin rewards but unfortunately we had a display bug. Things which are defined in minutes were being displayed in hours. Eg a reward which intended to give 2 hours (120 minutes) of coins displays that it will provide 5 days (150 hours) of coins. Rather expose everyone to the bug of receiving 1/60th of reward that they expected, we turned it off. We hope to bring it back when the bug is fixed.

Oh. Well, tbh it was the magnitude of the reward that excited me :sweat_smile: I was thinking “if I get to 82 wins, I can upgrade like three or four cards!” Can’t say I’ll work too, too hard to get a few hundred thousand coins lol

It just occurred to me: are you saying the icons for those event rewards are dynamically generated? :face_with_monocle:

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