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Hi team,

I know you guys are already working on the balancing, but the truth is it’s just becoming even worse.

  1. The middle ground: I thought you guys would change this one first but you didn’t. Two power plants in the middle makes legion way too stronger than the other two fractions. Legion has tons of cheap units, they don’t even need to build a power plant to put countless units on the map if they have the middle ground. Maybe cut the power supply in half? Or Make it longer to take the control? All the things you did to buff ASC is meaningless if u don’t change this setting. BTW they are still weak even after a boost in their DPS and HP.

  2. Overtime: Have you guys realize this is a buff for legion? Legion is good at rush and they can bring down the shield really quick then attack the base structure. Once the structure is hurt, its health will go down during the overtime. One touch on the base, they can sit back defending their shield and wait for the overtime. ASC by defination should have more advantages in late game, but they won’t have the change because of the overtime. Could you increase the time limit to 3:30? Or increase the shield health? Or decrease the base np regardless it’s hurt or not?

  3. Shield drone: this tiny little 1power unit is the CORE unit during the battle. The one who has this unit at beginning will almost certainly win this game(the other don’t). 1 power, tons of shield and health, who is the designer for this unit? Rogue’s sniper has a 2.5x damage on it’s first shot, and it needs a second shot to bring down the shield drone, this is ridiculous. Timing is everything in this game, if a unit can take so much damage so they can keep the middle ground then it should definitely cost more than 1 power. Even change it to 2 costs would make the game a lot more balanced. Right now all I can do is to play a legion commander and prey for the shield drone to take me to victory.

  4. Giga: I bet if you check your metrics, giga would be the commander who has the lowest winning rate. I do need to give the designer a lesson. When you are judging if a card is good or not, you can never bind it with another card and say hey it works best with xxxx. This kind of conditional probability is surprising low in random deck. I mean think about the use case of healing spell. A. it’s almost useless if it comes too early in the game, like 3 healing spell in the beginning? I would concede. B. No units(or units that not worth a heal) on the ground? Nope that’s not working. C. The nuke only has 1 hp I just need a spell to kill it or I’m losing, and meanwhile u have three spells in ur hand… change the spell to something that hurts the enemy or make it possible to protect the structure(not healing) should be better, but I still doubt it’s going to work or not.

  5. Match maker: I noticed you made the match maker to match wider range of rank lvl in ranked battle than before. I know it takes too long to get matched accurately with such a small player base, but making the match even more unfair is not a way out. This is killing this game. There’s a lot of ways to drive players to this game, more advertising, more rewards, more event, but not this one. Please reconsider this.


Nerf Giga's ability!

Agreed with all 5, especially overtime!!! I’ve lost countless of games just because the opponent did damage to my base and even at the end of the game I had multiple strong units that would assure me a win, but overtime screws that up


Just let us finish the game and remove ot. I dont think Games will last longer then 5 min.
And for Legion just up shield drone cost or reduce health by half. Legion will still be best @ rush but not so overpowered.


Thanks for the detailed post @WITHACUP. We’re looking to address a lot of these points in upcoming updates, but some are still in the testing stages.

  1. Middle Map Control
    The energy gained from the center power plants are a little too strong right now, especially because they keep producing throughout the game, so if you’re winning map control, you just win harder, but if you’re losing, you have a big hill to climb. We’re testing out reduced energy generation for the middle power plants in our internal playtests, and it’s looking pretty good so far.

  2. Overtime
    Overtime has been one of the biggest sources of feedback since 2.01, and we’re definitely keeping a close eye on it. There’s many different knobs to turn here, which we’re testing daily to find the right balance.

  3. Legion Value
    I think there’s always room for additional unit balance, but faction balance may need some new additions to the unit roster to shift that around to a good place. This is on the horizon. Legion’s identity as being able to mobilize quickly is not something we wish to change too drastically, but Shield Drone and armor in general are things we’re looking to tweak soon-ish.

  4. :giga_noodles:
    Giga’s Nanoshield saw buffs in the last update, but deckbuilding with him is a bit different from the other commanders in order to do well. We’re committed to helping Giga become more competitive and impactful as a commander, but I don’t have a timeline on this at the moment.

  5. Matchmaking
    Matchmaking is one of the team’s top priorities. We have some additions/changes coming very soon so be on the lookout for additional posts about this.

Shield Drone change
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