Shadowblade is buggy in "fight it out"


Hello S7 team,

If a shadowblade is played shortly before the usual match time is over and it stays cloaked and then the “fight it out” mode starts, the unit just stops to move and doen’t attacks anything or is not attacked by opponent units.
The game “detects” that there is still an enemy unit on the battlefield and so the match goes on, until the energy level of one ship is down to zero.

The arrow marks the shadow of the cloaked shadowblade on the screenshots.

Please check and fix this issue.

Thx and Bye ZeltaZum

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Hi @ZeltaZum!

Thanks for the carefully written and documented bug report! We plan to do a comprehensive revamp of the “Fight it out” end of battle mechanic. I’m hopeful that our change will fix this as a part of it.



Shadowblade also has some changes and bug fixes associated with it in the next update as well, so hopefully those will knock out any of these bugs you’re seeing.



Sounds great! I am looking forward for the update!

Bye ZeltaZum



Hi @ZeltaZum. Yesterday apple accepted our 2.00.1 update and it is now live. Our update intended to fix the issue you have reported here. Please let us know if it’s working fine for you or if we still need to keep searching for a solution. Thanks!



Since the update I didn’t see the problem anymore. So I think the issue is fixed.
Bye ZeltaZum

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