ShadowBlade is bugged!



ShadowBlade sometimes gets bugged and can no longer be attacked, I’m assuming he’s still for some reason registered as invisible although he’s attacking and he’s in his visible form. Please fix!!!


This is true. Sometimes Shadowblade bugs out and becomes untargettable. It affects the battle a lot as it just pushes and follows/attacks ground units that gets close.

Please fix.


This can easily win a battle as sometimes it’s impossible to counter without “spells”
Please fix


Thank you for the reporting this bug. We are aware of the issue and working on a fix.


There is also a bug with stuckking shadowblade in the middle of map. It stucked there till the nearest range unit come closer


I’ve had this several times.

Shadowblade pathing bug:
He gets stuck on the central divide.

Usually happens when he’s acquired a target and reverses direction.

In a Final Battle, opponent had one small unit pecking away at my base, I had a Shadowblade stuck in the middle of the map. If he’d have gone to enemy base, I’d have won. If he’d have gone the kill enemy unit, I’d have won. Instead watched 2+ min of him wiggling there on the divide until my base finally fell.


Yes, this is soooo annoying


inwould also say that the me hanics are wrong with them for a higher pevel unit not dealing as much damage as a swordsman


Ye this bug. Just avoid landing your SB in the middle lane

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