“servers reconnecting.”

I don’t know what you guys broke with this latest update, but I have been losing the entire day because your servers are messing up. Everyone else has been reporting the same thing, assuming they connect to the game at all. I just lost in the event to someone whose highest card was like a level 11 when my lowest was a 15 because of the ol’ “servers reconnecting” mid-game. This is at least the sixth game I’ve lost today because of said issue. It seems like every time something gets “fixed” then five more things get broken. What gives?

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Yep! They make one aspect amazing, while breaking something else AND sneaking in hidden updates like coin nerfs. Then drop the mic and take the weekend off :laughing:


It continued happening to me last night so I had to sign off before I uninstalled the game. I still haven’t tried playing again. I’m enjoying my morning too much to get mad. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hey folks.

Apologies for frustrations around server connections. In the last week, we’ve been dealing with server issues. Would you please submit a support ticket with your support ID and device so we could take a look at what your specific issues are?


Hi @Tiffany

Our engineer in charge of networking spent some time combing through the data we logged in regards to your battle networking issues.

He noticed that [1] when you were having networking problems, you were usually on your cellular connection (not wifi.) [2] the amount of data your cellular connection allows to be sent during the time period of a battle is very low (about the size of 5 “tweets” on twitter for the time of the entire battle.)

Questions for you:

  • Did something change about the way you use your network? Do you usually use wifi or did you always use cellular? Is it a new cellular provider? DId you perhaps hit your monthly data limit or something like that?
  • Can you plz run a speed test when you’re using the network in question so we can see how fast it is? You can google for “Speed test” on your phone, or click this link: https://www.google.com/search?q=speed+test

We can try to look into it more if you have more information, but according to our logging it looks like “cellular connection which transmits very little data per second.”


  • campuslifer

That’s odd, I usually get a much better connection when I’m not using WiFi, no matter where I am. When I use WiFi I lose connection all the time

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I hadn’t logged in in a while to answer. No, not a new provider. No, I have unlimited cell service. Yes, I frequently play on my cell service. For example, I’ve played the entire day today on it and never once had a connection problem. Now it’s just match up problems. How does a silver have level 17s and get paired against a challenger? I’m quite confused/amused.

Hi @Tiffany.

Sadly we introduced a bug in v2.30. There are more details in other threads but we will be fixing it as quickly as we can.

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Ah. That explains why everyone who is on isn’t playing. LOL

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