Server data loss?

I experienced something weird where I had 40 victories in the most recent Boom Event and unlocked all of the available event rewards then when I logged back in after the event was over my account was reset to where it had been at a couple of hours before the event ended and I only had 32 victories and there were quite a few rewards that had not been unlocked.

Do you know what happened and is there anyway to restore things?


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This happened to me after I had collected my rewards. Before I even had a chance to use them, I came back to the game and everything was gone. I’ve tried everything to get them to come back, but they’re completely gone

Any updates on this?

A response would be nice lol. Anything.

@Abe Have you sent in a support ticket regarding this issue? It’s the best way for us to actually locate your account and check.

@PHNEWALLETKEYS Likewise as above.

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