Server connection problems shouldn’t count as losses


I am with some frequency experiencing matches that get frozen with a connection to server problem. I’ve waited, mostly out of curiosity, for as long as five minutes to reconnect which rarely happens, but if I close the app or even switch to another app on my phone I get docked for a loss.

The server connection issues are a nuisance, sure. But what is really frustrating is the loss of rank, or even worse an event ticket opportunity (events seem to be when this occurs most frequently. Surely there has to be some way of identifying when a player can’t reconnect a match and not treat it as a loss, while not opening the path for poor losers to fake a server connection issue.

Perhaps some form of claim filing button? I’ve often seen devs moderating the boards be able to review the matches of player claims that something weird happened. And if this is so frequent as to produce too much of a backlog, more incentive to address the connectivity issues as a priority?

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Here’s some of my notes from a previous thread on this topic:

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I want to be sure that it’s understood that I am not losing connection to WiFi when this happens on my end. This occurs in my home with a strong network connection and I have no issue with any other apps. I actually played with airplane mode as an attempt to force it to reconnect, so I also won’t to emphasize I do not get the “lost connection” message but a different one.

You cited all of the expected reasons with potential cheating and I do appreciate it. Honestly I imagine this is a challenging issue. But It does sound from the above that you do have some means of detecting different ways in which connection to the server is lost, so I’d hope that any cases under which the server connection is on your end you might be able to tell the difference.

Sorry - misread some the middle bit about what you can and cannot tell the difference between.

I guess I do have the question of whether I might be experiencing this because the other player is experiencing connection issues and/or attempting to cheat?

I have been experiencing this a lot lately. I have a good connection and there is either a server connection error or I will also experience a delay in unit deployment. Recently lost multiple gauntlet matches due to this problem

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