We complain that featuring half the deck sucks. We complain that featuring multiple madnesses sucks. We complain that perpetual Typhoons make events mercurial and silly. We complain that featuring season cards that are currently unavailable makes events frustrating. We complain that Val all over the place is monotonous.

So you do all five. Really? Is this event just a big “fuck you” to players who offer feedback on the forums, or am I misreading the obvious here?

Just, wow. Wow. I’ve never been so close to quitting the game and uninstalling as I am this morning.


That’s exactly what it is, isn’t it? S7 saying “we’ll see your frustration and raise you a big middle finger” …

Blah. I don’t need it. If I wanted contempt and disrespect for my money, I’d have some kids.


Lol Holee, you made me laugth on the kid part :rofl::joy::rofl: and you saw some people even worth positioned than you :cry::disappointed_relieved::cry: GGs

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The load out for all the events was programmed back in September before this season began (back when Phoenix Forge was still running). It takes a surprising amount of effort to change an event’s card pool because it’s pretty labor intensive to tweak all the different things that reference it and then re-setup a qa environment to test it. It’s not impossible – it just takes some amount of time.

We definitely read all the feedback on Typhoons, featured cards and other feedback on events. We also read all the feedback on v2.50 (lack of 2v2, ranks, etc). We don’t have infinite resources and have to choose which ones to address first. So far, we’ve been optimizing towards working on our core systems and getting another app update (as opposed to splitting our time tweaking and retesting the events which are already planned, tested and queued up.)

We’ll keep all the feedback in mind for the next time we queue up more future events.


Makes sense.

It makes sense. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to come here and cuss a blue streak when I get madness cheesed 6 matches in a row :partying_face:


@Holeesmokes I literally LOL’d at your post. It’s like you pulled it out of my brain, gift wrapped it in barbed wire and contact poison, then dropped it down the chimney with a smile.

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