Seriously? 50,000 medals to complete lvl 17 champs Arena?

Are you guys even trying anymore? I mean…really? 50,000 medals at 20 medals per win

You just take your entire life playing it :joy::point_up_2:

Actually champion arena is elo based. I get like 1-3 points per win and minus 20-100 per loss. I wish it was 20 per win and 20 per loss.

They’ve said before they’re bron a roll out something for after champion arena (I think elo and ranks like the old system with monthly reset if I’m not mistaken) and the 50k is intentionally impossible to get to for now. Not sure when that’s gonna happen if at all tho

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Lol someone just unlocked champion arena…

Btw you aren’t getting 20 per win. You should, bc the devs said they were making rewards fixed at 20, but the rewards are based on the level of your opponent. So, if you are like me and have a level 50 deck, when you fight lvl 40-45 opponents (losers who just want more coin out of lvl 50 arena but really shouldn’t be allowed to play lvl 50 matches), you only gain 1-4 medals per win. Enjoy!

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