Seraphs disappearing ——DEVS ATTENTION——

So, when I summon a Seraph and then summon another or use a mimic next to it, they both make this teleporting animation and then they’re both gone. This must be a bug. Has anyone else seen this? It’s happened to me a few times now.

For the DEVS please review my 2v2 match at around 4:17 pst on July 18th. It happens when the first set are summoned about half way through the match. Thanks!

I have seen this. I just assumed that I got hit with the Rogue homing missile attack and there was an animation lag. I’ll watch more closely now.

hi @Jed.

This is the first I’ve heard of this issue. So sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. I don’t suppose you have a replay we can reference? It would help us get this fixed much more quickly.

I found your match and we’ll inspect the replay and try to figure out what happened and get it fixed. (ref 60367)

Yeah it seems they are just dying from the rogue missiles I think.

I’ve definitely had it happen a few times. Thought it was something I didn’t know about but since reading the post I’ve notice when two are close it sometimes just flashes them away

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