Separate reward chains for 2v2s

By this point of the latest update, it should be clear that the amount of people competing in 2v2 matches are still minimal compare to season 1 and 2. There should be a different reward chain for 2v2s, the same way there is a ranking system for it, if it makes sense. (Bots are not the answer by the way).

There are many players who actually like to play 2v2s, but due to its minimal incentives, there isn’t many attempts (in arena 50, almost no attempt unless arranged!) in the arenas. It only make sense if there is a plan to “revive” 2v2s, there should be at least the same amount of incentives as there is for single player match. And of course the rankings should be different than 1v1.

Also, I really don’t like the no-incentive gauntlet. As you once mentioned, you could at least put some cool portraits as rewards, and by some, it can be 100, not 2-3 that gets repetitive again after a week or two.

I hope these feedbacks are taken into consideration and addressed for the coming up season.



That’s a great idea but they Devs want like it and probably will never comment on your idea much less ever act on it. They are to busy making it so frustrating that players quit and dreaming up stupid ideas making the home page look like Pee Wee Herman’s play house. They probably will have Barney and Mr. Roger cards next season.

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They will ignore your post like other posts :joy:

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I mean last forum ticket I opened, they took action within few days. Hopefully its the same this time around as well.

Gauntlet does actually have giga emotes for prizes that I don’t believe u can get anywhere else so there is that

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Can we not have bots all over?
The idea of boosting was at least better.

@S7campusLifer what might help breathe some life back into 2v2 is bringing back the chest system for win rewards in tandem with the current diamond and coins daily’s. The daily win rewards that yielded 3 chests (that could also be refreshed with diamonds with increasing cost for each refresh, ie event tickets) would probably do a lot for the game. Chests now only give 1 card, so it actually seems like it would be a pretty logical solution for players to earn more cards as an incentive to play 2v2. In fact, it would probably turn into the best place to get cards if people spent diamonds to refresh it. The more I think about it, the better the idea seems. It would go a long way towards fixing progression problems and reviving multiplayer. Might be an easy way to kill two birds with one stone.

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